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As specified by the Gas Safety Regulations of 1998, it is a landlord's responsibility to guarantee the gas safety of the accommodation. A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is essential to welcome your tenants in to a safe and welcoming home. In the Sheffield and Rotherham areas, you can obtain a Gas Safety Certificate by undergoing the necessary Gas Safety Check.

Thanks to a Landlord Gas Certificate, you can ensure that all the fittings, gas appliances, and fixtures in the property are safe and efficient. Our Gas Safe Registered engineers have over ten years of experience in the field and can help you better understand the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate cost, procedures, and requirements. A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate in the UK is an extremely important document - not only to help you fulfill your responsibilities but also to help you keep your properties safe.

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Gas Safety Check

A Gas Safety Check, alongside Gas Safety Records and regular maintenance, is one of the main responsibilities of a Landlord. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers and trained in Smart Controls installation.

Thanks to their expertise, you can carry out Gas Safety Checks and receive a landlord boiler service and gas safety certificate in the same appointment. The Gas Safety Record or CP-12 Certificate allows you to store your Gas Safety Check receipts and prove that you are compliant with national regulations.

Undergoing regular Gas Safety Checks and obtaining a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is essential to protect your assets and find tenants to make your investment viable. Get in touch with our team of Gas Safe registered engineers using the form below to acquire your certificate today.

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